Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Went To TS ! Ouh dizzy .

Heyhey :)
At last !
Holiday is finally started !
But somehow I felt a little bit bored .
Damn . Imh .

Okey .
Lets continue to the story kayh .
Around 7 o'clock, my dad ,
"knock knock (the door) .
"Wake up anakanak !"
"Da solat k blum ?"

Then I was like ,
What ?!!!
Da kul bpe ny !? (checkin muh phone)
Then I went to the toilet & wuduk-ing.
After that , pray of course .

Then sleep again .
Time : 8 o'clock
*my dad was shouting from his room .
"Eyh , da siap ?:
"Sp lmbt daddy tgl"

"Ouh shit !"
I woke up and went to the toilet AGAIN !
Urghh . I'm still sleppy .

After dress up , we went to the gerai for breakfast :)
I ate roti canai and drank teh o beng (dunno how to spell it .)
Then we went home to pickin up Yusri NG .

Daddy asked Uncle Sharm to send us .
After that we make a move to the Cosmo's World Theme Park .
Then , Yus forced me to take a ride on the fuckin shit Space Attack
And I asked my Kak Long to accompany me .
But she did not want to ):
I felt soo scared . (now I know that I'm a totally coward :P)

Yeah . Ak ng Yus jeh yg nek .
Yg len bajet jehh :D

After that , we took a ride on a tiny aeroplane .
Duh ? Childish or retarded ?
Both , I guess :D
That aeroplane was like shit .
Wtf ?

Damn bored ukey .
And it only make me feel dizzy .
*Of course lah cuz that was what we called it , Dizzy Izzy :D

Yus ckp "angah JELEZ tgk kte tgi dry dea :D "

Then we pusengpuseng-ing and took a ride on the Ooort's Express .
Kak Long and G-man sat together .
While Yusri with me .
Both of us acted like an idiot .
Seriously :p

Sorry Yus cuz I had himpit-ing you .
Ngeeee :D

He's my bro . LOL .

After that we went to the Robo Crash section .
Yeah . That was what I've been waitin for .
Ngeeee :DD

Last but not least , Yus(again) , forced me to join him ride on the Supersonic Odyssey .
Wth ?
I said 'What on earth was that thing ?'
'I'm not going there'
'Seriously Yus .'

But my dad said 'Sarah , go and join Yus .'
And I was like , what ! No ! U go .

'Okay . But I wont buy anything for you ' , my dad said .
Me : Okay then . I'll go ......
Seriously , that thing was totally not scary !
I guess . LOL (,^^)

Skip skip skip .


Then blq uma .


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