Sunday, December 25, 2011


Assalamualaikum WBT :)

So, hey guys. Today's post is going to be a bit emotional. Yeah, I think I will cry while typing this thing.... BUT! IF YOU HATE KPOP/DBSK/TVXQ/TOHOSHINKI/JYJ PLEASE GO AWAY. Thanks :')

FYI, DBSK is the first Kpop Group I've known. So its my favourite group of all time. They're all talented. Great vocals, good dancer, superb songs, awesome looks and smexy abs. Should I say more? :P Its all there. They're happy and we all can see that by looking at their face :)

BUT THEN...... SM TOOK THEIR HAPPINESS! SM TOOK CASSIES HAPPINESS TOO! I JUST DON'T GET IT. WHY? You guys sure can make lots of money if you guys let them be together. As Dong Bang Shin Ki. Not as JYJ and HoMin. SO WHY SM? WHY? :'(

So, as you guys know, today is DBSK's 8th ANNIVERSARRY! Yayyyy! Am I should be happy and act like nothing's wrong or what? DANG I miss them :'( Whenever I watch their videos, I'll laugh like crazy but then I'll cry cuz they're not like that anymore.. BUT for this special day, I'm going to smile for them cuz I Always Keep The Faith :') Always...

I'm going to post something! Don't cry :') Be strong cassie!

”We are still members of TVXQ,the three of us alone cannot be TVXQ. Cassiopeia was created because they loved TVXQ as a whole,not because the loved individual members and HOPE TO THE END." - Hero Jaejoong

”All five members have to be together to represent the name of DBSK. We are family,The same team,the ones who support us is cassiopeia,thank you” - U-Know Yunho

”Red....Make me think of the member who will countinue having a very close relationship even in the future.” - Micky Yoochun

”Everything in my life. I want to live for TVXQ, die for TVXQ the precious reason for my existence.” - Xiah Junsu

”Only when the five of us are together,are we called TVXQ” - Max Changmin

I know it's not easy. But please. Be strong DBSK and Cassies! I know they will reunite one day! WE ALL KNOW :')

OHHH I SHIP YUNJAE and YOOSU by the way :D

8YearsWithTVXQ! Fighting!

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