Saturday, May 26, 2012

INTIans Orientation

Assalamualaikum WBT :)

(this post will be long and may be boring for other people. sorry)

Hey guys. I'm now officially INTIans :D Hell yeah I'm proud to be one of the INTIans family :') So today, I'm gonna share my orientation's experience w you guys!
(I'm trying really hard to write in english. Don't bash, please.)

So yeah, on my first day, I was quite nervous when I see there's no malay here :( They were all chinese. It's not that I don't wanna be friends w chinese, its just... Haih. Susah meh. Cuz I used to be friends w lots of malays. You know how I felt right?

Then after the registeration, I take my room's key and kemas2 bilik w my parents. Then we went out for lunch and my parents send me back to the hostel and I had to say goodbye to them. Sedih lagi :( After that my roommate, Rose Farhanna came. Yayyy!

After solat we went straight to the Sports Hall. 
The orientation #Day1 begin! I saw so many chinese and theres only a few malay :( The worst part came when me and my roommate had to split up because we're on a different team. And there's only one male guy in my group. *sigh*

Then it's time to meet the faci and introduce ourself to our team mates. Like seriously, I feel like they were all racist on the first place. No offence :/ Cuz they were like ignoring me. They also don't wanna talk to me :( Sedih meh. Then at night, we played a very interesting game! Quite tiring but I enjoyed it :) I feel good for the first time in INTI. Not bad. So I guess I'm the one who being racist this whole time. Hehe

#Day2 begin! We had to kumpul2 in Sports Hall before 930. Then follow the group and theres a new member in our team! Yayyy two malay girl! Now I can speak bahasa w them. Hehehe. Then we have to choose our team's name and design our own cheers and flag and it has to be something to do w superheroes. And Alex suggested 'Green Lantern'. But we changed the colour to red. So yeah its RED LANTERN! Hahahahah and the girls will create the cheers. Honestly, I don't think that our flag is that nice and the cheers too :/ But we did our best so yeah, I'm quite happy w that.

After that we go dinner together and start to share our stories about our lives and get to know each other more. Good thing is, I can now remember our team member's name. Hehehe. Yeah, then we went back to our hostel. At 8PM, we kumpul2 again at the Sports Hall. We had to plan what we're going to perform on the last orientation day. And thats it. Nothing's special on that night, though.

#Day3 begin! I'm so excited cuz it's the WET DAY! Hahaha if you get what I mean :P LOL Yeah, that morning we rehearsed twice so that we don't get nervous at the stage hehe. I'm not that nervous cuz I'm gonna be the walker and had to to the dance thingy only. Haha. Like our faci said, just enjoy yourself and don't be nervous :) Awwww. He is shoo cute! Like seriously. But I love PCK moreeee <3 And Akmal? Hehehe

Anyway, after that we went out for lunch and go to the swimming pool area around 4PM. We played 5 games and it was really really fun! I became the Queen of Red Lantern because everyone said I'm the smallest and its easier to protect me :D Hehe. We won 4 games out of 5. Terer much kan? :P

At 730, we kumpul2 again for the last time and rehearsed. Then we performed and the judges liked it! Yayyy. I think we're the best that night :) Our story is simple and funny. Everyone seems to enjoyed it. So we're happy :D The other group also did their best though :)

After that we had to sit in the dark w our team mates and shared our stories about this whole orientation. I was extremely nervous cuz I had to speak in english. I'm not as confident as the others when it comes to english :/ But I tried my best. So yeah. We all cried together and took our group pictures :) Eventhough there's a few team mates yang dah balik, still, we enjoyed <3

P/S : Yeah. They are NOT RACIST :P Hehehe sorry. I love you guys! 

 INTIans forever <3

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