Saturday, June 9, 2012

LOL-ing non stop :D

Assalamualaikum WBT.

This gonna be a very short post from me. Well, this week was stressful. Not that I'm not enjoying my day. It just, I'm so busy w all the assignments and the calculus thingy. Yes. Calculus is damn hard meh. The newest chapter I've learned so far is like hardest. Well its only Chapter 3 :( Fuhhh. My head can explode anytime hahah. 

Then we had mentor mentee program (MMP). But I didn't get to see my mentor since she was not there that day. Hmmm but it was quite fun cuz I can meet the other lecture. She was nice :D And then Rose, Azmira, Amir and me lepak together after the MMP finished. We laughed like crazy because Azmira and I asyik bahan Rose and Amir. Hehehe sorry guys! I know I'm bad xD But we love to see you together <3 Heheh

*Red Lantern so awesome meh :D*

Anyway, Red Lantern had BBQ last wednesday. It was awesomeeee although we had some problems at first. Efff youu the other group! Grrrrr but thanks to Allah, our BBQ goes very well :D Yayyy. I learned how to speak chinese from the other members. Hehe our bond are getting stronger and stronger these day :D We had so much fun! And we go to bed at 1 o'clock in the morning. And the next day was like shittttt my body's hurt! Haha served you right Aqila. Siapa suruh balik lambat :P

Next, ehem. I met this guys. Hehehe so shy to tell meh. But I think I like him. Kyaaaaaaa. He actually is a friend of my friend. So yeah. My friend always teased me w him. Gosh so embarrassing! But he's cute. Heheheheh okay thats it. I'll post next time about him :P

Last but not least was the Hopeng's last class. Which was on friday. Woahhh that was one of the best class I went so far! Like seriously our JW7 was like the best!!!! We can bahan Hopeng and let out our feelings towards him. Yet, he will never know who wrote about him. Everyone in the class were responsible :P Kikiki. 

Once again, sorry for my bad english. I'll try harder next time :P Bye. Assalamualaikum WBT :)

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