Sunday, June 3, 2012

A week in INTI IU

Assalamualaikum WBT :)

*kantoi katil tk kemas :P*

Hey guys. A week has passed. So far so good in INTI :) and I'm taking two subjects for this short semester. Calculus and English. Honestly, I'm kinda scared taking this subjects cuz lots of people said that the calculus subject was one of the hardest subject. Even MARA student said that :( So yeah, just imagine. If MARA student cannot do it, what about me then? :( 

 Sometimes I feel kinda stressful. Everyday I need to do calculus or else, I will forgot what Miss Shiney taught me :P Hahaha I do have bad memory. Screw me :( Then, Ho Peng also gave me lots of assignment. Haih what to do. He's the boss meh. Hehe but he's good. Double Phd tauuu! Hehehe

*my roommate, Rose Farhanna :)*

But I missed my family. I missed my friends here :'( They are all now at the different places. Nad in Kajang (yaayyyy, easier to meet :P), Fana in Semenyih, Haniz in Perlis (paling jauh T__T), Farris in Pahang (quite jauh) and Harraz in KL. While me, in Nilai.... See! Semua lain2 places. Haihh rinduuuuu :'(

OH by the way, I had to change my name on facebook T___T sorry to my YB YG and YC. If I don't do that, everyone will keep asking me 'Who's Ys Sarah? Why YS? Why not Aqila?' and so on. It's really annoying cuz everytime they asked, I have to explain to them. And most of them are chinese. Yeah... So it's Aqila Sarah not Ys Sarah anymore +_+

*Sorry for my bad English. I really really need to practice and write more in English so that it will be easier for me to write JW in Dr. Lim Ho Peng's class :)*


Byebye. Assalamualaikum WBT! See you next week :D

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