Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Assalamualaikum WBT!

Hey. Decided to post something today hehehe. I am being rajin lately. Don't ask me why *i'mfishinbored* Well. Yeah. I've got nothing to do at home. No one wanna play with me :( No one wanna text me :( No one wanna ask me go lepak w them :( I iz sad. 

BUT then I remembered something. *Sometimes ideas just pop out of my head LOL*. Last year I painted one side of my room's wall with white color. Because later I wanna decorate it by myself :D And I've been thinking... Maybe this is the right time for me to get rid of this boredness... By painting, drawing and decorating? Pun boleh. Eventho my daddy said 'Our family takde darah seni.' Haha so what? I love to draw! Hihi. I'm getting exciteddddd~ 

So I went to the bookstore. To buy things that I might need... Alone... Lifeless. I know but whattodo? No one wanna teman me :( I iz sad again! But seriously. No one text me so I was kinda upset w ebelibadi :'( Y U NO TEXT ME? Y U NO CALL ME? Y U NO MISS ME? But for those yang tetiba rasa nak text tu, digalakkan lah. Credit ai tengah ramai ni. Marilah beramah mesra before dia hilang.

And alhamdulillah. Boring punya feeling starting to disappear. Yeeehaa. After woke up. Terus bukak laptop and search for something cute to draw. I'm actually good at drawing cute things. Hehehe well caused I loved Hello Kitty soooo much *HelloKitty is the cutest cartoon ever* , I decided to draw Hello Kitty! 

*Its not that good but okay la kan? For first timer :P Psttt I drew this w all my heart :')*

Then bla bla bla. Basically I did everything I can :P And I was like 'Dayummm I can actually draw! Cantiknyaaaaa~' Ahaks. I use my own ideas tau. Creative jugak aku ni :P LOLOL stop it Qila. Puasa ni. Apehal lah nak membajet sangat... Duh uhh! 

*So this is it!*

I'm so proud of myself *patmyshoulder* Huhu. Okay bye. 

Happy fasting! Assalamualaikum :)

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