Friday, August 24, 2012

Semester Two.

Assalamualaikum WBT.

Hey wussup guys... Well, semester 2 just started. I was all alone on the first day :( Yeah. For the first time I walked in the campus alone..... And to make it worst, I was late for my first class. Awkward much. But I did well! *likeaboss* Hahah

Actually, I was planning to ponteng heheheh but then this one person called me. Its kinda like a wake up call for me. LOL he said he will be all alone if I don't go.. So... yeah... Aku kesian. My class started at 10 and it was 9'oclock when he called me. Just imagine what I did. Mandi tak basah. No books for class. All I have hanya kertas kajang. Wohooo #kajangrules! hehe. Baju tak iron. Damnnnn

Then I started the car engine. No fuel. T&G takde duit. WOIII I'm late already. Hahahah so I drive like a maniac on the road. BUT THEN the cars in the middle and left side of the road were too slow. Cars on the right side were too fast. WHATTTT? I have no choice. I have to drive slow jugak. My baby cannot pecut more than 140km/h. Hmmmm or else melambung ahhh. 

I arrived at INTI around 1010. I ran. Seriously I did. Thank God I know where's my class was. Hehehe but it was awkward when I get into the class. I know no one. Eh wait. I know Rizzuan. And he was like 'sorang je ke?' and I said 'yela *sadface.jpg* Hahaha I waited for my friend but he did not come. Ishhhh nevermindddd

After the class I called my dad and he said that I can skip my other 2 classes. Hehehe then here we go! Aku drift balik rumah! Kekekeke after that I go raya laaaa~~

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