Wednesday, February 27, 2013

February Babies :D

Assalamualaikum WBT :)

Hello February babies! Hello ebelibadi! Why am I so excited? Cuz I'm one of the February babies! Yayyyy~ Well, for me this year was a bit different cuz I'm celebrating my birthday with my Uni's friends :) And one day before mine was Mira's bday! So we celebrate our birthday together gether :D

Thanks for all the wishes! And these are my favorite 4!!!

I just love when people suap me dengan penuh kasih sayang :P

My favorite picture! Candid! Hehehe 12'oclock :)

Well, never trust you bestfriends xD Hahahaha 

Birthday girls with birthday present! :)


I love my family so much!!!!!
Daddy Mama Kaklong Aiman Irfan Farah :*

OH and never trust you brother!!!! Grrrrrr 

Well, I just wanna say thanks to everyone! Thanks for the food. Thanks for the wishes. Thanks for the gift. Geng bought Hello Kitty bear. Bebeyh cooked mee goreng. Fifi made a special Hello Kitty video for me! :') Touched! Kalau boleh nangis, aku nangis doe! Hahah

And yeah, first person to wish was him! :) Tapi that was before 12 so that doesn't count! Hahah okay okay, untuk mu aku terima aje :P And congratulations to NADIRAH SAYANG! Kau the first person to wish tepat pukul 12! :D I love you. And congrats jugak to Rid! Last person to wish! Heheh thank you everyone. 

I will never forget this day :)

Goodbye February :')

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