Monday, March 11, 2013

Do Looks Matter?

Assalamualaikum WBT :)

*Definition of the perfect guy*

Who doesn't like good looking guys? Who doesn't like pretty girls? Well in my case, I am very easily attracted to hot guys. *sigh* Its not that I want to... Its just.... I couldn't resist it. Is it wrong to like someone because of their looks huh? Huh? 

I know good looks doesn't stay forever. But someone said this to me, 'good looks will stay if we appreciate and always be faithful to that person' :) It's true I guess. Cause if you really loved that one particular person, you will always see him/her as the most good-looking creatures ever. Haaaaa. Cool eh? 

Like for me, I get bored with people easily. I don't care who you are or what you look like. I might liked you because of your look but if you're boring and not funny and not weird enough, don't come close to me. Cause if you don't have sense of humor, then you have no sense AT ALL. Sorry.

*What more can I say?*

Nowadays, its hard to find a good (fun) person with a good looking face! Haha look at me, I don't even have one! But y'know, I'm always thankful for everything that I have right now. I don't have good-smexy-hot looks, but everyone still loves me right? Awwww is that a yes? :DD (Eh wait. I'm cute and funny la!)

So yeah, looks does matter but inner beauty is more important. You might not have the most gorgeous look but the beauty you held inside it came off when you smile, speak and how you treat others with kindness and unspeakable gentleness, you'll realize how beautiful you are and the beauty inside has made up for the lack of external beauty :)

Okay lemme share this with you. I met this guy last year and I did not see him as an attractive person. Like at all. But then after I knew him, I started to think that his look is not that bad! See! That is the power of funny people! They can make you fall for them not because of their looks! 

EVERYONE IS PRETTY IN THEIR OWN WAY! :) But it takes time for that special someone to realize! Be patient! InshaaALLAH!

That's the way aha aha I like it aha aha~

Till then. Assalamualaikum~

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