Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The day has finally come!

Assalamualaikum WBT peeps :)

hi. ala pls la jangan kutuk. nak acah2 happy pun tkley :'(
ok seriously color purple buat aku rasa bengang jap. eish

Oh yeah, today I am so happy! I just finished my final paper for this semester! Now what I can do is pray to Allah and leave the rest to Him. I've done my part and yes I know I did my best inshaaAllah.

I was hoping this moment will last longer.... I mean this moment after final. No stress. Just me and my close friends spending time together. Lepak. Chill. Cuz yknow, after this, GGB will no longer be in INTI :( If you read my previous post, you'll know. You'll know how much I love them. I really do. Aqila, ikhlas. *tiru gaya Harith Iskandar dalam Lawak Ke Der 2*. But I still got few more days with them and like Mira said, 'jodoh pertemuan di tangan Tuhan. Now, kita guna masa yang ada ni untuk have fun!' Yes I'll keep that in mind.

Anyway, I found Parut's twitter!! Now I can stalk him 24/7 muahahahahah yes, I'm one of the greatest stalker in the world guys. Beware. But yknow, one thing I hate about stalking someone you like is you'll be upset or shock to know something that you don't expect. Like Parut's. I misjudged him for being such an innocent, decent, dorky-goodlooking guy :/ Well, he's not jahatla. From the way he tweeted, dia nampak macam bad boy kot. Hihi but one thing for sure, he still looks cool! Ahaha. As the saying goes, never judge a book by its cover. NEVER kayh.

Oh by the way, I changed my blog's name. Everyone in INTI keep on stalking me and it creeps the hell outta me! So here it is, new name :) Sayang mula2 nak tukar. But, it's for good, I think :) Some people are just so mean :(

I'll always pray for your happiness. No matter how much it hurts. Cause your happiness is my happiness :') Don't worry, I'm okay!

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