Wednesday, May 29, 2013


I like blue color. It somehow makes me feel calm. Just look at the sky. Or the sea. Beautiful isn't it? MashaaAllah.

*capture by me! no filter :)*

But the thing is, I don't have many blue stuff! And it disappoints me since I really really love blue. Every time I go out to buy something (clothes, shoes, ANYTHING) there are less variety of blue color stuff :/ Dayum. Why is this happening to me. And in the end, I end up buying pink color stuff. HAHAHAHAH

There's a funny story about pink color.
When I was small (smaller than now!), I used to hate pink. Cause I think that pink color is for perempuan gedik. And if you like pink, you'll be consider as gedik/manja/girlish. I hate that. I don't wanna look girlish. Ew. Just ew.

But then when I grow up, I started to stop hating pink. Why? Cause I like Hello Kitty and most of Hello Kitty stuffs are in pink! Lol. And now, I have soooooo many pinky stuffs in my room. Even my laptop is pink. But still, blue is my favorite color till forever! 

And to those who hated pink color just because you don't wanna look girly or cute, ef you. You suck dude. Pink is attractive. Please be more open minded. The world is not gonna end if you like pink! Loser. Eh wait, no. Ultimate loser! 

Okay bye. I think I'm going away for awhile. Don't miss me. Physics is here already! :(

Aaaaaaa post paling loser bulan ni. Sorayh :/

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