Sunday, May 5, 2013

Highlight of my third semester~

Assalamualaikum WBT :)

(its gonna be a long post! Get ready~)

I'm home! I miss Kajang! But I'm gonna miss my friends in INTI like crazy. My GGB. My pompuans. Bani. Shaalu. Mujakkir. The Kajangs. Munir (lol). And others~

Semester 3 was quite challenging. Took only 3 subjects. Morning classes were the hardest. No friends in chemistry class at first. Had to walk alone to go to class. Eating alone. Studying alone. Then I made some new friends~ Juniors, MARAs~ Yay! Emm what else? My subjects and Mira were totally different. Quite sad :( But GGB always meet on midnight. So kuranglah sikit windunyeww :P

Lets see what I've been doing for this semester!

ツ went to Adek's cousin's wedding. With GGB! :D
 went to PD, Melaka, and Johor. Full with memories :') With GGB, Nisa, and Zubair.
went to Batu Caves (thaipusam) for World Religion assignment. With Azmira, Rose, Zuey, and Aqeel.
ツ went to KMS for the first time on the same month. With Mira, Zuey, and Aqeel.

ツ celebrated Mira and my 19th Birthday. With GGB, Pompuans, and others~
ツ test 1 went pretty good except for calculus :/

ツ celebrated Fifi's Birthday. With lots of people! Haha
ツ test 2 and midtest went well! Alhamdulillah :)
ツ toefl was bad :/ like really bad.
ツ heard one shocking news that changed everything :'(

ツ celebrated Rose's Birthday. Just the two of us :) We went to Noodle Station!
ツ presentations was well presented!
ツ final were tough! Like damn tough!
ツ i'm free! Merdeka!

I fell in love with the most unexpected person. I was happy. I really was. And then my heart breaks because of him too :/ Ouch. But I can't do anything. Life's must go on kan? Wish you guys all the best! And yeah, wait for me USA! Aku datang!!!!

I'm gonna miss everyone! :")

So here's the pictures~ Enjoy~~

*trip to Melaka :D*

*last dinner with Shaalu at Sunita :'(*

*on my birthday eve :)*

*INTI's Got Talent with Le Pompuans~*

*Alamanda di waktu malam :)*

*Rose's Birthday :)*

*Studying~ at mcd*

*i seriously miss you Shaalu :(*

*ice skating~*

*cuz I love you guys so much :'D*

*karaoke! or shud I call it 'meraung'? hahah*

*bonus picture~ happy me*

*save the best for last :) couldn't ask for more. thanks! you're the sweetest!*

Happy stalking eh? Haha okay good. Now blah :p

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