Saturday, August 24, 2013

The People I Grew Up With

Assalamualaikum WBT :)

I grew up with these people. You can't never imagine how crazy we are when we're together. 
Crazy, unpredictable, loud, gedik. You name it. We're bad-ass. Hahahah.

FYI, we've known each other since we were babies. Mak is the one who took care of us when our parents went to work. Others call mak as our babysitter but we define mak and abah as our second parents. Mak and abah only have 2 real children -- Kakak and Abang. But everyone said they don't only have 2 kids. They have tons of kids. Which means, we all la :) 

My siblings and I left mak's house (at Bangsar) around 6 years ago, but we still keep in touch with them. Like when cuti is panjang, we will definitely lepak and balik kampung mak (at Sepang). Untill now, we still do that. 

I don't realized how much I miss my childhood people till tonight. Mak buat open house so we all gathered together at kampung mak and seriously it was fun! It's Irfan's birthday yesterday so mama cakap why don't we celebrate dekat rumah mak. And yeah. We celebrated Ipan's birthday like we used too. Its been a while since we celebrate birthday together. 

I remember bila time birthday je, semua mesti nak duduk tengah2, semua berebut nak cucuk lilin, semua berebut nak potong kek, semua nak tiup lilin (and secretly blow the candle dari jauh -- ME), semuanya mesti kacau bilau. Hahaha and makanan wajib yang mak akan buat -- ketupat dan lontong + bihun/kuey tow/mee. Terbaek aa wa cakap luu. Abah pulak always with his video camera. Recording and capturing our moment together :)

Dari kecil, sampai aku besar, abah ada video kitorang. And bila free je, abang mesti pasang balik video tu. Maluuuuuuuuuuuu. Hahaha comot gila aku dulu, dengan baju apa tah. Fashion mana aku ikut pun aku taktahu. Hehe tapi kan, just by looking at our past videos and pictures, it makes me happy :) 

Pictures are really 'that something' kan? I mean... You get what I mean kan? Hahah I really like to take pictures of times when I'm happy and with the people I love. Cause pictures evoke so many memories. Well, sometimes time can erase things but looking back at the photos can bring back the memory instantly :) Everytime I'm feeling sad, I always look back at my old photos and remind myself that I was genuinely happy and that LIFE IS GOOD :)

Even if the people in the photos are no longer be with you, the memories with them are still there, kan? 

Someone I used to love once said this to me, 'Eh kau taknak amik gambar dengan aku ke?'. So we make funny face for the camera. Hey, and guess what? It was my first and last picture (i think) with him :') So every time I miss him, I'll look at that picture~ Heheh 

So guys! Take pictures with everyone you love as much as you can cause you'll never know when is the last time you will see that person again.

Hoping these little angels won't forget their Angah ya, please? :)
Angah sayang korang semua :*

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