Sunday, September 15, 2013

She's different.

Assalamualaikum WBT :)

So this is going to be a very special post for my special someone! Yep, its my bestfriend's birthday! Wuhuuuu I'm not gonna post a very long lame and boring post for ya. Lets make it short and sweet :D

She's someone I've known for almost 8 years.
She's someone who's ALWAYS been there during my ups and downs.
She's someone I can annoyed for hours and hours without her getting mad.
She's someone I can be ugly, messy and smelly with.
She's someone I can talk to whenever my heart feels empty.
She's someone who I can slap her butt all over again. Hahaha
She's someone I've always missed.
She's someone who always makes me feel like, "takde boipren pun takpe, asal kau ada cukuplah."
She's someone who inspired me a lot.
She's someone I call -- my partner, my girlfriend, MY BEST FRIEND.
She's Siti Nur Nadirah Sheik Idris.

Happy Birthday sayang! May Allah showers you with happiness, barakah, imaan, great future families, and all the good things in this life and hereafter. Amin :)

Love you xx

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siti nur nadirah said...

thanks for being such a great friend of mine, terima kasih jugak sebab sudi jadi tempat nak gurau senda, tahan kerenah aku almost 8 years kannn. hope it will forever lasting sampai ada laki anak berderet biar diorg sambung generasi kita . hahahahaah XD