Saturday, May 24, 2014

Hello from Kajang :)

Assalamulaikum WBT :)

Hello guys! For those who still don't know, I am already home. Home -- which means, in Kajang :) It has been a week and I'm loving it! Met my fellow bestfriends whom I missed so much! And my babies yesterday! They still remember me like, OMGGGG! I thought you guys dah lupa angah :'( Huhuhu but I'm glad they didn't :)

Oh, I missed the food. I want more food right now T.T Went to downtown yesterday and I feel like I wanna eat everyyythanggg! I want the kambing bakar but dah kenyang :( sobs sobs. And now I'm craving for it. Dem.

Haha, right now I'm thinking of finding a job. Like, I don't wanna sit at home and do nothing. Plus, I need cash T.T So.............. Hopefully, I'll get one before next month! Heee

I'll be posting more. Stay tuned! :)

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