Sunday, June 15, 2014

Kem Remaja Bestari 2014

Assalamualaikum WBT :)

Hi guys! It's been awhile and I'm sorry. I'm a bit busy these days. So, on June 1, I went to Kem Remaja Bestari (KRB) @ Kuala Kubu Bharu (Zon Tengah) which was organized by TNB. I used to be one of the participants looongg time ago and I'm pretty excited to join them now as the committee. At first, I was supposed to look after the kids under YTN (which is easier), but then they asked me whether I wanna join the Wira Jaya team (facilitators) and I said yes. 

It was pretty hard to blend it with the other Wira Jaya members because I know no one there and it was super awkward! Haha but I tried my best to help them and everything went well, alhamdulillah.

Besides, I met tons of awesome friends, little sisters and brothers which I hope I can treasure forever :) I learned a lot from this camp like when you're scared, there's NO ONE CAN HELP YOU BESIDES ALLAH. Just put your trust in Him and inshaaAllah, you'll be able to overcome everything.

And, trust your friends and be good to them. Always help those in needs and don't be rude to anyone. Being rude will never help you. 

Despite all the good things, there were few 'unfavorable' stuff that I noticed thru the whole camp.

1) The faci(s) asked the students to cover their aurah and know their limit when it comes to boys and girls. BUT THE FACIs THEMSELVES FAILED TO DO THAT. Which makes me sad and disappointed at the same time cause during my times at the KRB, I looked up to my facis a lot. A LOT. This is just so wrong.

2) It's okay to be strict, but don't be too strict. Kids nowadays will never like or respect you if you're being too harsh on them. I personally hated when my facis or teachers did that. When the kids had done something wrong, it's okay to scold them but please, scold them with manners.

3) Some of the kids were spoiled by their parents too much. Or not. Cause some of them were extremely rude. Especially the so called grown up kakak and abang. You guys were supposed to show a great example to your adik adik but nah. THEY DID BETTER THAT YALL. Way better! Malu la sikit beb.

Other than that, there's nothing more I could wish for. I love each and everyone of you. I'm sorry for everything that I've said and I'm tremendously missing you guys.

*just me being silly me*

KRB 2014 rocks!

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Pcik Razali said...

Salaam Aqila... may I know which KRB session (Zone) did you involve as facilitator? The photos that you shared are bit confusing coz the banner was for the East Coast Zone but the other photos are from different Zone, right?

Wawa Fluffy said...

kak, nak gambar yang lain...

Aqila Sarah said...

@Pcik Razali Salam En. Razali. Sorry for the late reply. I just noticed your comment. And yeah, sorry for my mistake. That banner was for the East Coast Zone while I'm from the Zone Tengah. I already deleted that picture :) Thank you for letting me know!

Aqila Sarah said...

@Wawa Fluffy Hi adik. Adik ni satu kem dengan akak ke? :)