Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Why do I wear hijab?

Assalamualaikum WBT!

Hello everyone :) Remember when I said I'm going to write a new post after my finals? I lied. (i'm soooo busy so I decided to make myself even busier by posting random stuff hehe)

So based on the title you guys can probably guess what I'm gonna talk about.


I get questions about my hijab a LOT, especially when I'm at work.

Nope, don't get me wrong. I'm not complaining. I LOVE IT! I'm always excited to answer them. But sometimes they said they were scared to ask me these questions because they feel like they might offend me hehe (so cute!)

So these are some adorable questions that they asked ;)

"What is the thing on your head called?"
The thing on my head is called hijab or headscarf.

"Why do you wear it?"
I wear this for religious purposes and it is also for modesty.

*some of my square hijabs*

"How many hijabs do you have?"
I have tons. Around 80? hehe (and they will make (*゚ロ゚) face)

"Is everyone in Malaysia wear it?"
Nope, not everyone in Malaysia wears hijab. Only Muslims wear hijab (but some choose not to wear it)

"Do you have to wear it all the time?"
Nope! I can take it off when there's no men there. So basically I can take my hijab off in front of other women, kids (who haven't hit their puberty), and my mahram (people I can't marry - father, brother, grandfather).

"Do you have long hair underneath it?"
Yes, I do have a VERY long hair. (it's somehow awkward when a guy asked this question haha)

"Where do you keep your hair?"
I tie my hair and make it into a bun and I put it here.... *pointing at my hair bun lol*

"What color is your hair?"
Blond. I'm a blondie huhu. jk jk. I have black hair *pointing at my eyebrow* (another awkward question)

"Why do you have pins on your head? It looks scary." (if I wear a shawl, there are tons of pins on my hijab)
These pins are to secure my hijab so that it won't fall off. Nope, it doesn't hurt me at all, don't worry. Sometimes I even show them how I inserted those pins.

"What is this shiny thing on your shoulder? *point at my shoulder*
Oh, it's just a brooch. I have tons of brooch with different colors and design. (and I just realized that I mispronounced brooch wrong my whole life! Luckily my American friend corrected me :P Phew.)

*my eyebag is getting worse.... I should get more sleep...*

So, that's about it. I know I've said this on my last post but hey, I'll stop updating for a while! Till then! :)

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